A typical day at L’Autre Ecole

8h30-8h50: Arrival and welcome with music 

Parents may stay the first 20 minutes to chat and share among parents, children and teachers. 

Free time… 

8h50-9h05: Warm up 

Meditation and yoga 

Morning routines 

Presentation of the schedule for the day 

9h05-11h45: Core subjects (French, Math, English) 

Introduction of new material with the French (or English) classroom teacher 

Small group work in one of the core subjects related to the theme of the moment 

Individual work or in pairs adapted to the needs of the child with the English (or French) classroom teacher: consolidation or more in-depth study 

Recess in the school garden  

11h45-12h15: Physical Education 

12h15-13h00: Lunch 

13h00-13h45: Quiet time and Nap 

13h45-14h10 : Independant Reading Time 

14h10-14h40 : Choir, Socio-emotional awareness activities, all-school and in-class debates 

14h40-15h00 : Free time 

15h00-16h30 : Class project 

16h35 : Snack 

17h00-18h00: After School and Playtime by subscription 

Develop art appreciation and civic engagement 


L’ Autre Ecole de Boulogne Billancourt
175 rue d’Aguesseau

Metroline : 9 – Marcel Sembat

Bus stations : 

  • SUBB Gallieni Billancourt / Pyramide
  • 126 Hotel de Ville de Boulogne Billancourt
  • 175 Hotel de Ville de Boulogne Billancourt


We still have some places in kindergarten !

Step 1 : Pre-registration

Pre-registration goes online through this form.
It’s free and remain from any obligations to go further.
Every personal informations you’ll give us will stay perfectly confidential.

Step 2 : Information meeting

After the pre-registration form has been completed, you will be invited to attend one of our information meetings (January 16th, February 25th, March 26th), in order to know us better and to meet the team.

Step 3 : Appointment parents-children

You will be invited, along with your children, to meet Laurence Lascar during an individual interview that will be focused on your expectations.

Step 4 : Final registration

Following your appointment, your file will be studied during an admissions committee. Then you will receive an e-mail informing you about the decision that has been taken depending on the available rooms.

Calendar 2020-2021 

Registration procedures for the September 2020 school year  are open.

  • Pre-registration : until March 31st
  • Interviews : from early January

Equivalent class age


Tuition Fees 

L’Autre École is an approachable school for everyone. It offers adaptable prices to insure the access to the many. By allowing children from different horizons, issued of every social environment to stand alongside each others, it allows the basis of living together in a fairer society. Moreover, this diversity of paths and histories stimulates a mind-opening that benefits to everyone.

In order to ensure the access to our school to everyone, tuitions will be calculated according to the families incomes through a solidarity system.

Payment Brackets for all grades for the 2020-2021 school year (€)

The annual academic tariff is of €11,520. A 10% discount is granted to the second child of the family registered in the school.
Parents' taxable net income (year 2019)
Payment bracket
Amount of the solidarity bursary in case of attributionAnnual-owed amount of fees after the deduction of the bursary
< 15 000 1 11 020 500
15 001 à 35 000 2 9 360 2 160
35 001 à 50 000 3 6 840 4 680
50 001 à 70 000 4 4 920 6 600
70 001 à 90 000 5 2 880 8 640
90 001 à 120 000 6 1 980 9 540
120 001 à 150 000 7 1 020 10 500
150 001 et au delà 8 0 11 520
Corporate tariff 0 12 960