What is L’Autre École?

L’Autre École is an educational and societal project that aims to promote a new form of education and transmission. By regrouping four types of “schools” into one place where all forms of intelligence and all success paths are valued, L’Autre École aims at enabling everyone to develop themselves, while improving happiness.

Focusing on the child as a person, its benevolent pedagogy is particularly based on the results of “alternative” systems and on the achievements of neurosciences. By fostering openness and social mix, L’Autre École will also take part in training responsible citizens who are able to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

A first establishment opened its doors in Boulogne-Billancourt, in the outskirts of Paris.

The bilingual primary school

L’Autre École has opened a bilingual French-English primary school built around its innovative and benevolent philosophy. By relying on our committed and experienced teachers, as well as proactive parents, multi-age classes allow all children to evolve at their own pace and to learn with enthusiasm.

In addition to emotional, social and civic skills, L’Autre École ensures comprehensive training by allowing children to acquire, through active pedagogy, the common basics of knowledge and skills as defined by the Ministry of National Education.

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The after school club

A cornerstone of the project, l’Autre École’s After School club offers a complementary education program for 3 to 11 years old. Children are taken care of every day after classes end, as well as on Wednesdays.

Workshops varying from coding, theatre, yoga to music and arts supports them in reaching their full potential and becoming more confident. The After School club will also help them become responsible citizens, letting them develop the essential basics and humanistic values that necessary for living together.

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A school for adults too

Education is everyone’s business. That is why, in order to mobilize all those involved in education, L’Autre École offers night training for parents and educators in the broadest sense. This is an opportunity to revalue transmission, and to offer children the pleasure of seeing adults learn in the same premises as them.

During these sessions of courses and sharing of experiences, the different actors transmit essential knowledge about positive education as well as other subjects of personal development.

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The School of Bonds

In order to meet the challenges of living together and to turn school into a genuine place for intergenerational exchanges, L’Autre École offers weekend activities for adults and children.

Building on local associations, valuing children’s projects and responding to the needs of parents and grandparents are a matter of creating renewed proximity and re-establishing the social bond in order to revive a place that is full of life, sharing and transmission by and for all.

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Our goals

Fostering Personal Growth

  • Developing the full potential of each child
  • Emphasizing on autonomy and freedom of learning
  • Providing self-confidence

Giving school a central place

  • Genuinely preparing for life
  • Enabling everyone to learn, progress and transmit
  • Making school a place of life, open to the outside world

Meeting tomorrow's challenges

  • Transmitting the values necessary to live together
  • Promoting the emergence of responsible citizens
  • Building a common narrative based on the improvement of collective happiness

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